logo Taiwan Earthquake made some only minor effect on PIEHositng Network Access.


Available only to the following:
Fullbright College Alumni
Palawan Hope Christian School Alumni
Palawan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. members
Palawan Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. members
Non Goverment Organizations and Non Profit Organizations
Newly registration domain at PIEHosting (Domain MUST be worth more than 200php)
Transfered domain to PIEHosting

1. Same TOS / AUP as regular hosting accounts.
2. Put any of the following link on your website pointing to PIEHosting. (Optional, but highly appreciated) this is for non paying clients only.

<a href="https://piehosting.com" target="_blank">Complete Web Hosting<br /> &amp; Domain Name Solution</a>
<a href="https://piehosting.com" target="_blank">Affordable &amp; Reliable <br/>Web Hosting</a>
<a href="https://piehosting.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://piehosting.com/img/piehostinglogosmall.gif" alt="piehosting.com" width="80" height="20" border="0" longdesc="http://piehosting.com" /></a>

3. You will get a Ore Web Hosting Plan** web hosting package for 12 months.
4. You will get FULL Cpanel and FTP access. You will get FULL control to your files and settings.

5. Maintenance, Support, Upgrade, Add-on and Domain are Available.

** 25mb webspace, 2000mb monthly bandwidth, 2 addon domain, 2 ftp account, 2 maling list, 10 park domain, 10 emails, 10 mysql.

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