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Our Server-Engineers have years of experience building and maintaining high-performance internet servers. We have physical access to all of our VPS servers 24/7. Do not trust a host that has to dispatch a technician to drive 20 miles to diagnose a problem, or worse yet, rely on another company to provide them with support. Instant physical access is a must for mission critical web services. With RapidVPS, the buck stops here!

super micro motherboards
PIEHosting.com uses only the finest hardware in our VPS servers which allows us to offer rock solid reliability and great performance. We build our servers atop Supermicro motherboards which are proven to be the best performing mainboards available on the market today. Supermicro allows us to utilize dual or quad processors, ECC registered ram, and Ultra 320 SCSI drive controllers.
The core of our blazing fast servers are the processors. We stick to Intel XEON MP server processors built with Hyperthreading Technology. Hyperthreading is a unique technology developed by Intel for server processors which allows the system to treat each CPU as if it were Dual CPU's, which substantially increases performance in multi-user, multi-threaded environments (servers).
Intex xeon processors
ECC registered drr memory

Next in line is ECC Registered Ram. ECC Ram is vital because it prevents system crashes via error detection and correction technology at the hardware level. Many smaller companies skimp on this very expensive aspect of the server, where as we understand this is probably the most critical component for both performance and reliability. We do not cut corners where it counts.

Another important ingredient to our incredible server performance is our storage solution. While other web hosts use ATA, SATA, or sometimes SCSI hard drives, RapidVPS uses APPLE XSERVE Technology. Although not cheap, this solution delivers top notch performance and reliability.
Intex xeon processors

Our entire staff works IN HOUSE and within working distance of our equipment. While our competitors need to dispatch an admin 20 miles to repair a server problem, we have it fixed within minutes! Do not trust your uptime to a company that does not have PHYSICAL ACCESS TO THEIR EQUIPMENT.

Some Photo of the Data Center- More coming soon.
Click Image for Enhanced View.
VPS servers
Several VPS Nodes with a Fiber Channel Switch up top.
1U dual Xeon virtuozzo vps servers
A Row of Server Cabinets.
VPS servers
Our first Apple Xserve below our favorite Supermicro Style Servers.
VPS servers
One of our Multi-terrabyte backup servers.
VPS servers
Our company database cluster, general hosting servers, and Generation 1 VPS Nodes.
VPS servers
Client colocation and a VPS backup server at the bottom.
VPS servers
Backup servers, our quad CPU server and a few Generation two VPS nodes.
VPS servers
More backup servers, our newest and most empty cabinet.

Note: Since PIEHosting.com does not have our own Data Center and Servers, the description above is taken from our provider.

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